Training Tips

A Time To Quit
By Abby Michaelis

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“A Time To Quit”

We have all been taught that “quitting” is bad or not throwing 100% into something can result in less than stellar results. Well there might be a time on a horse or a colt where “being done for the day” is a good thing. It’s finding when that time is that can be difficult. Horses like to give us clues to the puzzle it’s just us listening or catching on that can be hard.

Say it’s your first day starting a colt on the pattern or your first day going around a barrel. It’s not going to be perfect, let’s face it will probably never be perfect and that’s ok! The big key component is “try”. Is that colt “trying” to understand what you are teaching him or her? Is he or she wanting to help you? Repetition, accountability, wet saddle blankets can be great and needed at times but that’s where knowing your horse and listening to them comes into play.

Learn when to reward that horse and pick up where you left off the next day or next time. Because that “want too” is what is so valuable in a horse. You want to keep it, nurture it, sustain it if you can for it’s what separates the great ones from the pack.

Soundness is a huge factor as well. Knowing when they are acting off or not quite right can be big. I find it’s still something I learn about constantly. Sometimes WE want to run at a certain race or even do a time only and we put our wants before what might be best for the horse. I have definitely been guilty of this but maybe waiting till we get them right or feeling better can result in a great run or personal best for you both down the road.

There is no “magic formula” but rewarding your partner by “quitting” for that day could set you both up for an amazing future!!