Weekly Races

Spring 2023 Jackpots

Badiola Arena 402 HWY 95 Homedale ID

CASH ONLY -Pay in Cash Payout in Cash

All Thursday Night Races :Time runs start at 4:00pm sold in 1/2 hour slots-must be completed before end of that time slot. Purchase all time runs online (can not guarantee time runs without paying ahead Venmo Abby-Sutfin) will open the day before race.  Week days 8:00 am Saturdays 10:00am.

Jackpot start time 7:30 First draw cutoff before 6:15 pm enter online or at race. CASH ONLY FOR RACE ENTRIES . Pay in in cash and pay out in cash. 

Sunday Jackpots Time runs 10:00 am Sold as above Jackpot 1:30pm Firstdraw cutoff 12:15pm


March  23

April 13,20

JUNE 1-4 2023 Idaho Equine Hospital Race for the Cash! 

Thanks for being awesome !

* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone