Fall Frenzy Youth Championship Challenge

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2023 PAYOUT $35,000 to the YOUTH!!

2023 Youth Championship Challeneg 1d Paid $4300 to Adyson Wright

2D Paid $2867 to Savanna Greenup

Alog with 12 and under winners!

Along with 15 contestants that took home well OVER $1k each!




Fall Frenzy Youth Championship Challenge 2024 Oct TBA


These Ground Rules shall apply to and govern all barrel racing events or any other events
produced by Abby Sutfin and/or Sutfin Performance Horses. By submitting an entry for any such
event or otherwise participating in the event, as a contestant, vendor, or spectator, you agree to be bound by these Ground Rules.
1. Abby Sutfin and Sutfin Performance Horses (“Producer”) reserves the right to refuse service
to anyone.
2. All contestants, by submitting an entry, agree to subject themselves, their horses, those they
represent, and their guests, to the rules and regulations of the Producer and the SRC Sports
Arena (or any other facility) and by submitting an entry, assume all risk of injury from
involvement in or attendance at any of Producer’s events and all associated activities.
Contestants, by submitting an entry, expressly agreed to forever discharge, release, defend,
indemnify, and hold harmless the Producer, SRC Sports Arena, any sanctioning body, or any
of their officers, directors, employees, agents, representative, volunteers, or participants from
and against all losses, liabilities, obligations, or damages whatsoever suffered by themselves,
their horses, their equipment, their families, or their guests, as a result of their participation or
attendance at the event.
3. All contestants, by submitting an entry, agree to be personally responsible for their safety and
actions while attending or participating in any of Producer’s events. Contestants agree to
comply with all policies, guidelines, signage, and instructions.
4. Producer must have signed W-9 forms on file for the current year before checks will be
issued to winners. Any money not collected after 30 days due to failure to complete a W-9
will be forfeited. 1099s will be issued in accordance with IRS guidelines. W-9s will be
available online with entries, at the office, and during check-in.
5. Once the draw is posted it is final. The draw will not be changed or given preference to any
contestant for the sole purposes of accommodating their schedule or calendar. However,
contestants may visit the office and request to move up in the draw and fill scratch spots.
This list is completely discretionary, and no guarantees will be given. Priority will be given
to those who have a long distance to travel, and then others on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Those who have a specific individual to trade with and would like to do so can fill out a
rider-swap form, for which Producer may charge a fee.
6. The Open race will be run in a 4D Format, with splits being at 1/2 second, 1 second, and 2
seconds. Any 3D Sidepots will be run in a 3D Format with splits being at 1 second and 2
7. The age of Futurity Horses for the applicable futurity class are 4- or 5- year olds, who have
not have run in a competition run prior to November 15th of the previous year.
8. The ground may be reworked at any time as judged by Producer and arena crew for the
safety of everyone.
9. Once a contestant crosses the start line (the electric eye) the time begins.
10. A contestant is given a “no time” for being off course in any way (at the discretion of the
Producer and/or arena crew).
11. A contestant will be given a “no time” for any knocked down barrels.
12. A contestant is given a “no time” for stopping or holding their horse back at any time (at the
discretion of the Producer and/or arena crew).
13. A contestant will be given a “no time” if the horse or rider falls during the run in such a
manner as to break the pattern or if the rider falls off the horse before crossing the eye at the
end of the run.
14. Producer may disqualify a horse/rider at any time for uncontrolled, abusive, disrespectful, or
dangerous behavior in the sole discretion of Producer and/or the arena crew. Absolutely no
disrespectful behavior towards or treatment of the arena crew, office crew, or other
contestants will be tolerated. Any contestant so disqualified will not be entitled to a refund of
entry fees nor the payment of any amounts which may have been won.
15. Safety is a priority, so please inform the gate person or other arena crew member when
approaching the arena if your horse has any issues that need to be accommodated. Producer
will do their best to accommodate those who need it and ensure that the race runs quickly and
16. All riders will be given 3 minutes from the first gate call to begin their competition run. If a
horse refuses beyond the 3-minute window, Producer may immediately disqualify the rider
and ask them to exit the arena and/or gate area safely. The announcer will announce when the
3-minute timer is commenced, if necessary. All lenience will be given if possible while still
ensuring the safety and efficiency of the race, as well as the well-being of all horses and
17. Abuse of horses in any way will NOT be tolerated. Any contestant observed to be abusing a
horse will be immediately disqualified for the entire weekend. Any contestant so disqualified
will not be entitled to a refund of entry fees nor the payment of any amounts which may have
been won.
18. Riders running multiple horses who run their horses out of the order assigned in the draw will
be given a “no time.” Horses must be named on the entry (registered names are not required,
but encouraged, if applicable. Riders will not be allowed to enter with generic names such as
“Horse 1” and “Horse 2.”) Any rider who runs outside their assigned draw position will be
given a no-time. Any contestant so disqualified will not be entitled to a refund of entry fees
nor the payment of any amounts which may have been won.
19. All returned checks will be assessed a $45 fee. Such fee must be paid in full prior to the
contestant entering any other event produced by Producer and may be deducted from any
winnings paid to contestant in the future.
20. In the event of an electric eye failure, or other unforeseen circumstance that unfairly
interfered with the rider’s run (in the sole and absolute discretion of the Producer) the rider
will be given a re-ride option at the end of the next large rake or as can be mutually agreed
upon by the contestant and the Producer. As much accommodation as possible will be given
to the contestant/horse. If the eye fails during a run where a barrel is hit, the hit barrel
disqualification will be upheld and the rider will be given a no-time without an option for a
21. At those events where western dress code is required, full western dress (hat/helmet, jeans,
long sleeve western shirt, boots) will apply for all classes.
22. All late fees, time only fees, office charges and entry fees must be paid prior to your run. If
all fees are not paid, you will be disqualified. Any contestant so disqualified will not be
entitled to a refund of entry fees nor the payment of any amounts which may have been won.
23. Checks will not be available until results have been verified to the satisfaction of the
Producer. Any checks not picked up in person will be mailed to the address on file. All
checks will be made out to the rider of the horse winning the check.
24. Any vendors who are selling or providing products or services on the SRC Sports Arena
grounds during any of Producer’s events must register as a vendor and pay the relevant fee to
the Producer. Any unregistered vendors will be charged a fine at double the amount of the
vendor fee, which may be withheld from any winnings that individual or their immediate
family members might win. Producer also reserves the right to disqualify any such
individuals or their family members from the race, and ask them to leave the premises.
25. In the event of a mistake or error in a contestant’s entry, Producer shall have the ultimate and
absolute discretion on how best to fairly remedy the mistake. By submitting an entry,
contestants recognize that there is an inherent risk of human error and that a mistake may
happen, to their detriment. Producer will work with any such contestants to come to a
reasonable and fair resolution, but shall have the sole right to make a final determination as
to the appropriate resolution.
26. Producer reserves the right to refuse service, entry, or participation to anyone, and
contestants, spectators, vendors, or other participants may, in the sole and absolute discretion
of Producer, be black-balled from any future events produced by Abby Sutfin and/or Sutfin
Performance Horses, for any period of time, for lack of sportsmanship, disrespectful or
dishonest behavior, for returned checks or lack of payment, or for any other malfeasance, as
determined by Producer.